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Inside the cellars, each Zenato wine follows a special processing route to reveal its full essence at the moment of tasting. Smell, taste and sight are the senses directly involved in the wine experience. Cecilia Del Gatto, moving in the sphere of visual arts, cannot but privilege sight in the photographic investigation she is called upon to carry out. Color is the most obvious aspect if we talk about the visual, and the different color ranges of wine are what most tickles the eye.

The author creates a bridge between her world of belonging, art, and the production of the winery. The action of mescere, that is, pouring into the glass, becomes the glue between two different environments, where color gradation is a further point of union. Each of the five images shows a photograph hanging by a thread, as happens in a camera obscura, and each photograph is distinguished by a representation reminiscent of the pictorial iconography of Renaissance art. A woman’s body, faceless, in a hieratic pose, devoutly guards the nectar of the gods, which, from the hanging photograph, is poured into the glass in the foreground.

Del Gatto metaphorically suggests the close link that unites the sacredness of the Italian painting tradition, with the “aesthetic” characteristics of wine: clarity, transparency, fluidity, color.

Artwork Details

Year: 2019
Support & Technique: photographic prints mounted on d-bond
Size: 74.5 x 49.5 cm

3 Aprile 2019, Presentazione, Biblioteca Capitolare, piazza del Duomo, Verona
8 – 18 Aprile 2019, salone del Mobile, Bottega Immagine, via Farini 60, Milano
24 – 25 Maggio 2019, Cantine Aperte, Tenuta S.Cristina, Peschiera del Garda
31 Ottobre – 3 Novembre 2019, The Others , ex Ospedale Militare Alessandro Riberi, Torino
23 Novembre 2019 – 10 Giugno 2021, Tenuta S. Cristina, Peschiera del Garda
11 – 27 Giugno 2021, Centrale Festival, Rocca Malatestiana, Fano

“Vino. Oltre gli oggetti”, Biblos Edizioni 2019, pag. 25 ITA/ENG

Project installation:

Bottega Immagine, Milano
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