Castelfiorentino Raccont’Arti Prize, over 500 participants: winners

Teatro del Popolo, Castelfiorentino

November 26, 2022

Photographic projects have arrived from Italy and abroad to participate in this edition of “Raccont’arti-Castelfiorentino Prize for the Arts: Contemporary Photography,” curated by Banca Cambiano 1884 SpA – Ente Cambiano Scpa, the Municipality of Castelfiorentino and the Castelfiorentino People’s Theater Foundation.
With more than 500 participants in the Open and Student categories, the Prize contributes to a profile of the ‘current situation of Italian (but not only) research photography’.
Demonstrating a path of evolution and updating that has developed over the past decades, a large number of high-level projects have been offered to the evaluation of the jurors, which have ranged from the documentary tradition to its most advanced evolutions up to research of a clear artistic bent, updating the idea of photography to that of a fluid medium, today continuously hybridized with other disciplines and therefore no longer only delegated to the narration of the world, but also to that of thoughts and even of fiction or at any rate of ambiguity, often also using unconventional forms of expression.

The theme chosen for this second edition was as follows: ‘The world changes and photographers respond. Photography questions itself: languages, perspectives, maps for the coming future’.
The winners, who were honored on Saturday, Nov. 26, at 5 p.m. at the Teatro del Popolo in Castelfiorentino (with exhibitions at the Ridotto del Teatro and the Ex Oratorio San Carlo), were selected by a jury of prestigious experts in the field of research in photography:
Vittore Buzzi, president of the jury; Luca Andreoni, Niccolò Fano, Michele Palazzi and Fiorenza Pinna.

Due to the great maturity and energy of the projects submitted, it was decided to add five indications per category, leaving the winners and short-listed members the honor exhibition.

Winner of the Castelfiorentino Prize for the Arts – Contemporary Photography Open Category :
Leonardo Magrelli, West of Here

Honorable Mention:
Niccolò Quaresima, Dusk to Dawn – Fragments from the Plastic Archive.

Shortlisted in the exhibition:
Arianna Arcara, Another version of the same landscape
Federico Clavarino, Flowers and Plants Not Needed
Cecilia Del Gatto, Umi Hotaru

Winner of the Castelfiorentino Prize for the Arts – Contemporary Photography Student Category.
Noemi Comi, Lupus Hominarius

Honorable Mention: Alice Dicembrino, Violated Spaces

Shortlisted in the exhibition:
Valentina Lorenzi, Raga Padani
Sabrina Marchionne, The Feeling Value
Noemi Sparago, Marble Clouds

People’s Theater Foundation:

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On Nov. 25, 2022, “Emilio” and “Umi Hotaru,” another work by the artist, will end up on display at the Palazzo
Martinengo (Brescia) along with those of the winners of the other competing sections.
Cecilia Del Gatto will receive in 2023 as a prize a period of residence in the “House of Artists” in Milan to continue her activity.

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