Artwork Info



Support & Technique

– Stampa inkjet
160 x 240 cm
– Testo battuto a macchina su carta marcata naturale 100g
21 x 29,7 cm
– Stampa ai sali d’argento su carta Baritata opaca
30,5 x 40,6 cm




5 + 2 DPA


The artworks are signed by the artist and are delivered with a signed certificate of authenticity.


Emilio comes to life from the observation of a house in Porto San Giorgio and owes its title to the name of the man who has lived there since his birth. Emilio, since 1954, has noted on the exterior walls - writing directly on the bricks - the events most relevant to him. His was a manifestation of individual memory, the layering of which contributes beyond measure to the collective memory of the present moment. On the walls, individual observations of natural phenomena or historical events become the substrate of a memory that becomes a collective heritage.

An attentive and estranged eye, naïve and pure, turns to a reality that flows seemingly equal to itself in the slow flow of the small province: uninterruptedly, for fifty years, he was able to capture its becoming and its indelible trace, and then to hand it back to posterity, choosing for himself the role of silent narrator of his small town.

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