White Lies  #8

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Support & Tecnhique

Serie di fotografie digitali
Stampa inkjet su carta cotone Hahnemuhle
montaggio su dibond 2 mm e cornice in ramino sbiancato


62 x 92 x 5 cm


5 + 2 DPA

Set item

8 / 12


The artwork is signed by the artist and is delivered with a signed certificate of authenticity.


White Lies is a series of photographs staged and shot in common, everyday settings, which, however, due to their strong aesthetic and chromatic impact, generate a kind of disorientation, which transforms familiar moments into something foreign to reality: everything seems too perfect to be real, everything seems too homologated to be recognizable. These are instants captured on the street, outdoors, or in public places, as if the author were a photojournalist of a world that has lost its human side.
The subjects, whose faces are concealed by the relentless entanglement of colored threads, become momentarily blind and, at the same time, no longer recognizable lose their identity. Unable to communicate, they become characters in a silent narrative and their gestures, stopped by the photographic shot, are reduced to aimless automatisms for an absent audience.

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