One Amazing Form, curated by Marco Signorini

Valeria Lattanzi Gallery, Carrara.

August 31, 2019 – September 5, 2019

Group exhibition proposed by the Valeria Lattanzi Gallery “One amazing form” is part of the Carrara con_vivere Festival with a title that is almost an anagram of “Formation,” the theme of this year’s review.
On Display: Cecilia Del Gatto, Irene Montini and Fabio Tasso.
The new group exhibition proposed by the Valeria Lattanzi Gallery “One Amazing Form” opens in the days of Studi Aperti to which the gallery adheres to continue in the Carrara con_vivere Festival with a title that is almost an anagram of “Formation,” the theme of this year’s review. The pun urges surprise and creativity as responses to machine learning, meaning creative that which is imaginative but conscious, the result of learning experiences and daily growth. It is fantastic training, surprising because it is unique, personal; it is ideas, points of view and thinking. Being predisposed to wonder is an attitude to life.
Irene Montini is the author of images in the professional world of fashion, but they are dreamlike photographs like visions. They show us, through the subjects depicted, aspects of the layered visual culture of our time.
Fabio Tasso, sculptor and teacher, instead favors the idea of process, inventing machinery, acting between matter and space, full and empty. His forms seem to arise only from the process but, in doing so, acquire primary meaning.
Cecilia Del Gatto, reflects on the difficulty of relationships between individuals in today’s complexity and stages a world of “magic realism.” She photographs her characters by imprisoning them with a philo-color and makes them mannequins incommunicable with each other.

Recent Posts

On Nov. 25, 2022, “Emilio” and “Umi Hotaru,” another work by the artist, will end up on display at the Palazzo
Martinengo (Brescia) along with those of the winners of the other competing sections.
Cecilia Del Gatto will receive in 2023 as a prize a period of residence in the “House of Artists” in Milan to continue her activity.

In No. 5 of “The light observer magazine,” which features the relationship with light through
multiple viewpoints of visual artists, there is an interview about the project “Umi hotaru” by artist Cecilia Del Gatto.
Eleonora Paciullo and Hugo Berger were able to tell, through their questions, the long and complicated sequence of studies and findings that made possible the realization of the photographic project.

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